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Dawn Wood with O'Brien Realty strives to live by the "golden rule": she does for her clients what she would have an agent do for her. And it shows. Dawn has sold real estate in the Southern Maryland region for many years and has won several multi-million dollar awards. She's driven and dedicated and has a long list of loyal clients who value her dedication to them. 


Dawn believes in vigorously promoting and marketing the properties she lists. She invests a great deal of time and effort in advertising her listings. Even her correspondence with clients and other agents reflects an uncommon level of detail and professionalism. Dawn strives to ensure that her materials and level of competency with marketing and communication are a step above what most people in real estate are doing.

Dawn grew up in Calvert County and has a unique ability to quickly connect with people. Dawn says "I have a very old-fashioned work ethic, I take pride in being accountable, reliable and honest."

Her hobbies are boating, fishing, and getting together with family and friends.





O'Brien Realty 301 863 2400
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